Aveda’s Natural Minerals for the Skin

Did you know that each day when you use your regular facial products, you may be applying toxins to your skin that actually age you much faster than normal!Consumer awareness of beauty product chemicals is growing, scientific scrutiny reveals the harmful effects of toxic ingredients in cosmetic and body care products as they continue to flood the natural product industry at an astounding rate.

Many of these toxic ingredients potentially contribute to a myriad of physical and emotional concerns to include allergies, headaches, rashes, asthma, hormonal imbalances and much more.

Pick up a copy of your latest beauty magazine at the newsagent, and you are likely to find a paragraph or two about a new natural ingredient called Tourmaline for skin and hair care. Tourmaline is a mineral with unique properties. It is also considered to be a crystal with many healing properties, such as strengthening the body and spirit. Much more recently, this stone has found its way into a number of hair and skin care products.

Adding this natural mineral to skin care creations such as moisturizers, serums and exfoliating lotions, enhances the skin and gives it new life. Aveda’s Tourmaline Skin care regime does exactly this!

If your skin tends to be oily, especially around the t-zone, you can try the Aveda range of tried and tested Tourmaline Charged Protecting Lotion with SPF 15 as a daily moisturizer. The lotion is oil-free and packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and E, natural fatty acids, and Vitamin A to smooth fine lines and boost cell turnover.

Those of us who have break-outs or lackluster skin need to exfoliate because our skin can’t do it alone. There are several ways to exfoliate – you can scrub to physically remove dead skin cells, or you can use the Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser to increase cell turnover and remove impurities.

For a more focused mature skin application Tourmaline Charged Radiance Fluid is a concentrated refining serum with added plant essences of lavender and geranium. The fluid uses yeast extract to help strengthen natural cellular turnover, smoothing away dull skin. It will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores and is the perfect jump-start to bring the skin back to life.

Dermatologically tested, it is ideal for all skin types and can increase smoothness by up to 35%, reduce the appearance of pores by 36%, and lines and wrinkles by 31% after eight weeks.

When it is used in hair products, it contributes to giving a healthy shine as it strengthens the hair. In skin care, tourmaline’s properties can provide a variety of functions and benefits that will leave the skin softer and more radiant. In facial creams, tourmaline is added to increase the absorption of nutrients into the skin. Using skin care products containing tourmaline may help heal skin conditions and brighten the complexion.

How does Tourmaline Work? 

Tourmaline creates an electrical charge when used in differing temperatures, whether hot or cold. Rubbing it on the skin, generating heat from the friction of the fingers, gives the mineral the charge needed to help the skin absorb nutrients more effectively for healthier skin. It acts as a conductor for the plant energy and the crystalline energy, so energizing the skin and boosting it with moisture and vitamins.

Because tourmaline is an energizing crystal as well, it can contribute to the vitality of the skin, making it appear more radiant and youthful. When combined with other ingredients, tourmaline can become an effective moisturizer, exfoliate, and anti-aging formula. Many who have tried this popular new ingredient in their own skin care routines have fallen in love with the many beneficial properties that it can embrace. Regular application of the products can induce a more youthful appearance…worth a try!

Mineral Makeup

Mineral make-up is also creating a revolution in the “make-up” beauty sector. Why?…because it’s so gentle you can even sleep in it and not worry about damage to your skin. It won’t block pores and it won’t harbor bacteria.
If you have a daughter who is just starting to experiment with make-up, a wise investment would be to start her with a mineral product that won’t aggravate her skin, such as Aveda’s Inner Light mineral tinted moisturiser with SPF 15. This is a lightweight formula with a smooth and even finish. 

Mineral makeup comprises of minerals, which are pulverized and sterilized into fine powder form. The makeup is made using zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and 100%-micronized minerals, which are free from chemicals that cause inflammation and irritation to the skin. In addition, it contains pure iron, which absorbs heat.

All the ingredients used are free from artificial fragrance, chemicals, silicones, talc, mica, oils, dye, fillers, rice powders, alcohol, and wax. The reasons for its popularity are that, this makeup improves the skin’s health and does not contain coarse components. Aveda’s range for lips, cheeks and eyes are real-life shades with non-comedogenic formulas giving skin-replenishing benefits.

Mineral or pure makeup gives an awesome feeling, when a woman wears it. In addition, it gives a youthful glow along with a natural look. This makeup is ideal for various types of skin including hypersensitive, oily, and dry skin. It helps in covering wrinkles, broken capillaries, red spots, acne scars, fine lines, and reflects sunlight. It is three products in one: foundation, powder and concealer.

Women suffering from dryness, rosacea, acne and other skin disorders will find mineral makeup more skin-friendly as it never aggravates the problem. Pure makeup uses inorganic components, that do not lead to any infection or skin disorder. The life of mineral makeup is longer than chemical-based, because it needs no preservatives. Aveda’s mineral makeup range includes a wide spectrum of UVB and UVA sun protection, a key anti-aging benefit… definitely worth a try!

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