“Vidatherapy is definitely a ‘hidden gem’ as the moment you enter the lovely spa waiting room you instantly feel relaxed. I have been having massages (and pregnancy massages) with Anne for 2 and a half years now and am so glad I found it as they are amazing – Anne always makes me feel very welcome, she takes time to listen to how I am feeling and her treatments are total pampering and relaxation!”  Felicity Nov 2012

Annie Moore CThA, RCCA, ATC, ITHMA

Clinical Massage Therapist

Training and Qualifications

Anne is the founder of Vidatherapy health and beauty Spa in Teddington, Middlesex. She began her training in 1994 at the Royal County College of Aromatherapy in Reading, Berkshire, with ITEC qualifications in Clinical Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage, Indian Head massage and Stress Management.

Further Postgraduate Courses completed

  • The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy,
  • Pregnancy massage & Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy
  • Jing Institute Advanced Massage Training
  • Advanced Clinical massage techniques, neck and shoulder pain
  • Soft Tissue Release sports massage
  • Hot Stonefusion therapy
  • On-Sight massage training at Touch Pro UK
  • NO HANDS massage practitioner training
  • Reiki practitioner training Usui Healing System.
  • Natural Facelift Massage at Champissage International training
  • Stress management ITEC training
  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yogashala Ibiza,Yoga Alliance.

Professional Memberships

What kind of massage therapy are you looking for?

Massage therapy is one of the most powerful means to relax, reconnect and make you feel good! I Vidatherapy Spa offers the most comprehensive range of massage therapies in the South West London area.

Holistic Deep Tissue Massage

Holistic massage focuses on the whole person’s physical, psychological and emotional aspects. Relieving muscular tension by using various techniques of deep tissue, soft tissue release and trigger point therapy can have a profound effect on softening the stress in the muscle tissues. The build up of these ‘knots’ in the muscle fibres are often referred to as ‘trigger points’, they will become hard and tight over a period of time, causing pain. Anne uses a fusion of various massage techniques to relieve stress and pain, such as lymphatic draining to help disperse toxins, passive stretching skills to encourage muscular relaxation and energy work to rebalance the mind body connection in order to achieve homeostasis.

Treatments are ideal for any stress related conditions such as:

  • muscular aches and pains
  • sleep problems
  • anxiety and fatigue.
  • Regular treatments can provide a deeply relaxing and revitalising experience with the benefits of improving overall health.

Natural Facelift Massage

This is a natural facial massage designed to rejuvenate your skin, leaving your face looking fresh, vibrant and youthful. Your skin will feel softer and your complexion will look more even, your eyes will look brighter, your cheeks will appear lifted and your jaw line will look smooth and prominent.

The treatment uses lifting and stimulating massage techniques to free constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue. After just one treatment you will see a change in your skin tone and texture. This is a gentle non-invasive approach to maintaining a younger looking face.

After six weekly sessions fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are diminished and the skin becomes softer and tighter. As a result your face will have a refreshed and glowing appearance and you will feel more relaxed and rested within.

Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy and Massage

Aromatic massage blends essential oils extracted from plants, herbs and flowers with the healing power of touch. The therapeutic properties of the oils are absorbed through the skin, into the blood stream with long lasting effects. The body begins a healing process that becomes stronger after each massage session. Initially a detailed medical history is taken to establish which oils are best suited to the client’s needs and the treatment is then tailored to suit the individual. The powerful combination of touch with fragrant aromas stimulates the senses and encourages the body to unwind, relax and rebalance.

Indian Head Massage

Traditionally practised in India this is a specific therapy for the scalp, neck, shoulders and face. It can help to ease stress and tension from the upper body. Indian head massage is beneficial for:

  • headaches
  • eyestrain
  • deep relaxation
  • clarity of thought

Pregnancy Massage

Anne specialises in pregnancy massage and takes into consideration how you feel during your three trimesters. A side lying position gives the client more comfort during the pregnancy. Attention to gentle and more passive massage techniques restore balance and harmony to the changing body. This caring contact can be a vital support system helping to prevent ill health during pregnancy.

Physically the massage stimulates and regulates the body systems. It improves the flow of blood and lymph so that oxygen, nutrients and waste products are carried more effectively to and from the body tissues to the placenta. Psychologically pregnancy massage helps relieve tension and encourages a release of daunting emotions. The massage will relax and calm the nerves, helping to lower blood pressure and maintain harmony.

Pregnancy massage is beneficial for relieving

  • muscle aches
  • fluid retention
  • insomnia
  • heartburn
  • leg cramps
  • headache
  • hypertension
  • general fatigue

Hot Stonefusion Massage

A powerful, nurturing treatment using Hot Basalt stones from Arizona with warm aromatic oils. The warm stones are used for a full body massage. They instantly heat the body’s blood supply and deeply relax the muscles. The treatment ritual includes placing the stones on areas of the body to evoke warmth and comfort throughout the session. Hot stonefusion massage can be a profoundly relaxing and grounding experience, helping to facilitate faster healing and effective relief from muscular tension.


Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing, originating in Tibet and arriving in the West via Japan. Treatments can create a powerful experience and benefit individuals on many levels including, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. During a treatment Anne places her hands respectfully above or on the client’s body and acts as a channel for the Reiki energy. Fresh energy finds its way to areas of imbalance, stimulating the body’s own natural healing potential. A client may experience deep relaxation and warmth within their body. Reiki generates energy in many ways to encourage calm, peace and tranquillity. A treatment can offer relief from sleep problems, anxiety and stress.

Seated Acupressure Onsite Massage

Seated acupressure massage (on-site massage) is based on the traditional Japanese acupressure technique  to stimulate the acupressure points in the upper body. The client, fully dressed, sits facing forward in a ergonomically designed massage chair. As the client relaxes  the therapist applies pressure to the acupressure points on the client’s head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. The sequence of movements (called a kata) takes thirty minutes from start to finish, and leaves the client feeling relaxed, refreshed and energised.

This treatment is excellent for relieving stress and tension in knotted, tight muscles. Many corporations and businesses are now encouraging their staff to take a twenty-minute break to experience the relaxing benefits of on-site massage. Clients report that after seated acupressure they feel energised and refreshed.

Chakra Balancing Treatment

There are Seven Chakra Centres in our body from the tailbone to the head. These chakras are spinning wheels of energy that when blocked can cause our physical, emotional and spiritual body to be out of balance. A Chakra balancing treatment will combine Aveda chakras aromas with deep tissue massage, reflexology and energy work, leading to decreased muscular tension, stress relief and increased energy. The treatment will be enhanced by guided visualisation to bring about balance to the  entire chakra system, a deeply nurturing and powerful therapy.

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Deep Tissue massage

Deep Tissue massage


Natural Facelift Massage


Natural Facelift Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage

Hot Stonefusion Massage

Hot Stonefusion Massage

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On-Site Massage

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