Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the adaptation of yoga practices for people with health challenges or for those who wish to improve their wellbeing.

Single sessions of Yoga tuition on a one to one basis can be extremely beneficial for those who are new to yoga. Taking a course of hourly sessions will provide a basic introduction to the postures and help build your confidence before joining a class.

During a yoga therapy session you will be introduced to a sequence of postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation/meditation techniques to suit your individual needs. These principles will help to cleanse the body systems, quiet the mind and energise the soul. A truly peaceful and holistic experience!

New clients to Yoga TherapySpecial offer 1 x 60 minute session £45 (normally £55)

Sign up for 6 weekly sessions 20% discount £264 (normally £330)

Tuition – One hour sessions are available at Vidatherapy with Annie by appointment. Call 020 8614 1199 to book.


Slow Yoga

Gentle classes of ‘Slow Yoga’ will introduce you to a mindful yoga practice that teaches you how to control your breath in order to release tension, tone your body, relax your mind and lift your spirits for the benefit of your overall wellbeing.

Each one hour fifteen minute class consists of pranayama breath work, physical asana exercises to include the sun salutation sequence – a set of twelve postures (traditionally practiced at sunrise). Every part of the body from head to toe, benefits greatly from the sequence when practiced regularly. The session concludes with a mindfulness meditation practice and yoga nidra visualisation to completely relax your whole being, leaving you feeling alert, rested and magnificent.

This course of six sessions is suitable for anyone over 18 who is in good physical health and has no prior yoga experience. It is also suitable for those with yoga class experience who may wish to slow their practice to embrace a more meditative approach.

Contact Annie at Yogaflow – on 07941264621 to book your place or call Vidatherapy T 0208 6141199. Course fee £72 (for 6 weekly sessions).


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