What is your complexion telling you?

There is a strong possibility that more women are suffering from a ‘poor complexion’ caused by their stressful modern lifestyles?

Stress can affect the skin in many ways. It elevates hormone levels, induces acne, tends to trigger eczema and can age skin prematurely. When there is build up of toxins in your body it is reflected in your skin. It becomes more prone to breakouts, reflects a sallow tone, is less oxygenated and more likely to wrinkle.

However what you eat today, you wear tomorrow! Diet plays a significant part in your skins condition. Collagen makes up 70 per cent of skin, and vitamin C plays a vital role in its synthesis. Antioxidant vitamins pr

otect collagen, and vitamin A prevents dryness and roughness on the surface. Essential fats are also needed, while a lack of zinc leads to stretch marks and poor healing and is also associated with skin problems from acne to eczema.

Most of us eat far too few fruits and vegetables to gain sufficient antioxidant vitamins for our skin to function optimally. We also tend to be deficient in essential fats. Yet essential fatty acids from seeds and oils in the diet protect against skin inflammation.

Pollutants such as car exhausts emit a variety of toxic chemicals that harm the skin and damage the body when inhaled, while sooty air-borne particles can block pores. Excessive levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone kill skin cells and collagen.

Using an antioxidant moisturizer containing vitamins A, C and E, plus SPF sun block can help fight these effects. The Aveda enbrightenment skincare products protect and improve clarity of the skin, try our enbrightenment, brightening treatment to achieve an evening of the skin tone.

Lack of exercise is a major contributor towards poor skin. Sitting all day in front of a computer and doing no exercise will make your circulation sluggish, and blood, which feeds the skin will become toxic. If you have a dull complexion, you may break out in blemishes as a way of the body trying to detoxify itself. The skin needs oxygen and nutrients, and toxins need to be washed away. But if circulation is poor, blood moves slowly. Oxygen levels go down, and the skin can’t be fed.

Eating lots of healthy fats, such as walnuts, avocados and salmon or taking  supplements like fish oil (great for dry skin and eyes) or vitamin E keeps the inside of your body moisturized so your skin doesn’t get too dry. Cut back on salty and fried foods, stop smoking, limit your intake of alcohol and make sure you drink plenty of water every day so you don’t get dehydrated.

Do you know that the key to getting a gorgeous complexion can be as simple as adding a few healthy foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetable to your diet? The key seems to be red- and yellow-fruits and veg with high carotenoid pigments that include Beta-carotene found in yams, spinach, peaches, pumpkin and apricots. Also Lycopene in apricots, watermelons, tomatoes and pink grapefruit, since they are believed to be the key factors that help boost the look of the skin.

You really are what you eat, and your skin reflects this. Diets rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains can make your skin glow, help clear up acne and fight ageing and sun damage. Likewise, meals laden with trans-fats, white flour, sugar and chemicals can leave your complexion looking dry, dull and lack luster.

Try throwing a few dark greens into a smoothie (you won’t even taste them). Opt for a piece of salmon instead of a burger next time you go out. And ditch the fat-filled desserts and replace with a bowl of seasonal berries.

Taking quality time out to relax your mind and body, allows stress and tension to release and can make a huge difference to how you look and feel. Consider learning relaxation techniques to quiet you down and bring your nervous system back into balance, such as meditation, deep breathing, or guided imagery. You may respond to techniques that energize your nervous system, such as rhythmic exercise, mindfulness walking or power yoga.

Maintaining enough sleep will also help minimize stress. Try our Stress- Fix massage treatment for deep relaxation and wellbeing. Sleep problems can be treated with therapies such as acupuncture, massage, reflexology, reiki and guided relaxation.

Because our faces are most visible and are most exposed to the elements year-round, they require even more special consideration, such as investing in a good skin care regime, such as Aveda’s Botanical skin resurfacing products, rich in a tourmaline mineral with powerful antioxidants. These products sweep away dull skin to reveal softer smoother and more radiant youthful skin.

But If you can also incorporate healthy nutrition, eating, exercise, massage and relaxation into your everyday routine you’ll see the results shine through your complexion! Not only will you look better, you will feel better too!



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